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Courtney Symons
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Courtney Symons

"John has a rare ability to distil complex techniques into simple principles anyone can learn."

Courtney Symons
Editor in Chief | shopify

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Ray Rafiq Omar

Tim Hanson
SEO Content Strategist |

Can you persuade?

Do you know how to compel people to act, fight corporate speak, and leave a powerful impression?

Do you know the secrets of clear writing, what to cut to be concise, and the words you shouldn't cut?

Do you know how to shake off academic complexity, turn prospects into customers, or convert words into cash?

Or is copywriting still a bit of a mystery?

Struggling with low conversions?
Nervous about pressing publish?
Hesitant about pressing send?
Tired of bad copy costing you money?
Failing to captivate your customers?
There's a very good reason for it all.And it's not your fault.

Jasmin Alić

"John Harrison inspires me. Daily.
(Read: I get jealous of his mind)."

Jasmin Alić
Copywriter | Hey Jay

Melissa Malec
Ray Rafiq Omar

"John’s copywriting guide is a godsend to writers, wannabe writers, and those who think they aren’t cut out for writing. I can’t wait to see what gets added over time and to keep growing as a writer. It’s giving me the confidence to raise my copywriting rates. Phenomenal resource. 10/10."

Melissa Malec
Content Writer | Melissa Malec Marketing

School taught you terribly

Actually, it's worse than that.They taught you the exact opposite of what you should do.Here are the 11 ways school inadvertently screwed you:

01/ No practical application

You weren't taught how to be clear, engaging, persuasive, or convincing.Instead, English class focused on writing essays about books.

02/ Misunderstanding of purpose

You weren't taught to consider the purpose of your writing.And you weren't taught to understand the needs and expectations of an audience.

03/ Writing was "creative"

You were taught to see writing as a creative pursuit instead of a skill that needed to be developed and improved.Nobody told you words are a tool.

Ryan Musselman

"No doubt, his guides, advice, and professional execution will be of benefit to any potential client"

Ryan Musselman
Content Strategist | Parade Studio

Kate Sotsenko
Ray Rafiq Omar

“I've been following and learning from John on LinkedIn since February. So purchasing his guide was an easy decision. John consistently delivers a remarkable level of quality, and the guide is no exception. In fact, I've immediately made several adjustments on my website. Now, it feels more welcoming and human :)”

Kate Sotsenko
Founder |

04/ Rewarded for bad writing

Your teachers had misconceptions about what good writing is.They rewarded long, complex, flowery language.

05/ Little emphasis on editing

You weren't taught to understand what could be edited or deleted.Instead, you were incentivised to hit an arbitrary word count.

06/ Lack of coaching

Without feedback and coaching, you weren't aware of your writing weaknesses.Feedback was vague like "be more descriptive" or "be more analytical".

Tim Hanson

"He's first to mind when any of my clients ask for a copywriter, for a damn good reason."

Tim Hanson
Content Strategist | FiveThreeOh

John Leonard
Ray Rafiq Omar

"With 30 years of bid writing under my belt, I thought I was a professional. I was wrong. This guide has already improved my writing in leaps and bounds, and I find myself going back it every time I compose and then edit. One of the best investments you can make in yourself, and strongly recommended to anyone who writes anything for a living."

John Leonard
Bid Writer | Fixatex Ltd

07/ Writing was undervalued

Functional writing skills weren't given as much attention as subjects like maths and science.Algebra and the periodic table were prioritised over a skill with the tools of communication.

08/ Writing was made complicated

You were taught to obsess over grammar.Or you weren't taught about it at all.

09/ Writing was solitary

You were taught to consider writing a solitary activity discouraging you from seeking feedback.So when it got hard you felt alone and had nobody to turn to for help.

Lara Acosta

"John is one of the best copywriters I know. The amount of dedication he puts into his craft is extraordinary."

Lara Acosta
Social Media Marketer | LA Digital

Sayanta Goswami
Ray Rafiq Omar

“The information inside the guide blew my mind away! It wasn't a guide that only said "Write short sentences." It showed which factors to keep in mind. What makes people read (or skip). What tactics to use. With examples. What's even better? I'll get all the updates he makes to the guide for free. FOREVER.”

Sayanta Goswami
LinkedIn Ghostwriter

10/ Gifted not skilled

Nobody told you writing well is a skill anyone can learn.It felt like there were a fortunate few bestowed with mastery, and you're either born a good writer or not.

11/ No preparation for business

Nobody uttered the word "copywriting" or what it means to use words to sell and persuade.And so, you've had zero preparation for writing at work or in business.

Hey, maybe you enjoyed English at school. But did it teach you the writing skills you need today?Or did it just teach you to pass exams?

Dina Calakovic

"If good writing was illegal, John Harrison would be serving a life sentence."

Dina Calakovic
Content Marketer | Authority Marketing

Katrina Romain
Ray Rafiq Omar

“Finding John, and learning from his experience, has made all the difference in my ability to write persuasive copy. His guide covers EVERYTHING. And in time, I suspect I'll owe a lot of my business success to the copy his knowledge has helped me write.”

Katrina Romain
Founder | Beyond Body Weight Loss

John Harrison

Become a clear, compelling writer

£150 [includes lifetime updates]

30 day money back guarantee

Courtney Symons

And that bad training still affects you today

No wonder good writing is elusive.You've never had it broken down or shown to you. You've just been doing your best.You've been making best guesses, knowing that you need to be clear and concise but not knowing how.

Everything's at risk

Here's the impact:

01/ Ineffective communication

You struggle to express your thoughts clearly and effectively, which likely impacts your business or career growth.

02/ No audience engagement

Devoid of purpose or audience understanding, your writing fails to resonate or engage. Quite isolating.

03/ Feeling lost

In circumstances where communication is valued you may feel completely inadequate.

04/ Fear of mistakes

School's grading system, which favoured adherence to rules over creativity, may have instilled a fear of making mistakes.

05/ Lost opportunity

Misconceptions about effective writing have led to misunderstandings that have potentially cost you opportunities in your professional life.

06/ Communication skill gap

The disconnect between academia and everyday communication has left you unaware of how to fix it, or worse, blind to bad writing.

Matt Barker

"The level of obsession, skill, passion, and attention to detail on show for his craft is incredible."

Matt Barker
Ghostwriter | Matt Barker Copywriting

Wendy (Bower) Gertridge
Ray Rafiq Omar

“Verified purchaser right here! So much value and I’ve barely nicked the surface. Incredible resource and worth every penny!”

Wendy (Bower) Gertridge
Founder | Editorial Strategists

And so...

You can’t effectively make your point, your writing is unfocused, your message is unnecessarily cluttered, your writing lacks insight. It rarely achieves what you had hoped. It feels either rigid or unstructured and the gems hidden in it are suffocated by how you were taught.Opportunity, hindered.
Reputation, damaged.
Ideas, muted.

And if you don’t change:

01/ You rely on luck

You rely on how well you can guess what a good writer would have written.

02/ Other people out-write you

+ They get your client
+ They make your money
+ They have your freedom
+ They land your dream job
+ They enjoy your pay rise
+ They launch your business
+ They become the authority
+ They secure your investment
+ They convince your customers
+ They persuade your prospects

They dictate your future by better controlling the tools of communication.Words.

Srinivas Vakati
Ray Rafiq Omar

"I’ve already gone through it twice since purchasing! It's been a game changer for me. I bought the course to improve my writing. I didn't expect the section on editing to have such a profound impact on me. The mindset shift I experienced as a result is beyond words. My perspective on writing has changed since investing in your course."

Srinivas Vakati
Founder | Scalable Systems

John Harrison

Become a clear, compelling writer

£150 [includes lifetime updates]

30 day money back guarantee

Courtney Symons

But what if you could control words...

and use them to dictate your future?Imagine having that superpower.You would persuade customers and captivate clients.You would clearly and concisely explain your view of the world.You would feel confident to press publish. Imagine being proud of your writing.People would read your work and call it insightful.Even better, you could spark action with words alone.You could make a difference.

Imagine taking that skill anywhere...

To any company. To any country. In any economy.Writing well is a meta skill and it's portable.A good writer will always find work.Even better, imagine applying that skill to your own venture.These millionaires and billionaires think writing well is pretty important...

"If you're a VC, a lawyer, a painter, a podcaster, an accountant, a write. Learn to write!"

Sahil Lavingia
Founder, Gumroad

"Been a rule at 37 Signals/Basecamp since 1999. Hire the best writer."

Jason Fried
Founder, Basecamp

"Communication is important. How you say things, what you say, style is really important. So, take the time and get it right!"

Chamath Palihapitiya
Founder, Social Captial

"People who write thoughtful email intros make two recipients feel great with a single note. Easy way to stand out. Great writing is a superpower."

Jeff Morris Jr.
VC, Chapter One

How will you direct this new power?

Will you use it to secure your next sale? Your next 1,000 sales?
Or convince the client currently weighing you up?
Will you write your way into a new job? With a higher salary?Will you use it to bag that promotion?Will you join me and write for a living?Will you overhaul your emails and get people actually listening to you?Will you use it to define precisely what you want your colleagues to do?Will you rewrite your website to make it absolutely clear what your user gets for giving you money?Will you change a single word on a button and spike sales? (This really happens)Will you do all these things?You'll definitely do more than one.What's that worth over your entire life? £1,000? £10,000? £100,000?I can unlock it all for you.

John Harrison Copywriter

John Harrison
Copywriter [5+ years]

LinkedIn followers

Hi! I'm John :)

I'm the human behind the words at and the Atomic Copywriting Guide.I work as a freelance copywriter.I've tested lots of copywriting techniques in websites, apps, emails, and ads.I know what works.

Some of the companies I've copywritten for

Client logos
Cal Graham, Head of Marketing, Wayhome

"John’s email campaign was one of the best performing Zoopla have ever seen. Benchmark open rates are around 40%. His emails achieved around 68%. They wanted to know who designed these emails to offer them a job!"

Cal Graham
VP Customer Acquisition | Wayhome

John Harrison

Become a clear, compelling writer

£150 [includes lifetime updates]

30 day money back guarantee

Courtney Symons

I've spent over 9,000 hours

as a copywriter sending armies of words to battle for attention and ultimately, action.I've spent over 400+ hours condensing everything I've learned about writing in the real world into a guide for you to follow.There are over 26,000+ words. And if you know a bit about me, you know I'll have cut the fluff.I preach that good writing should be atomic:+ All the meaning
+ All the soul
+ In the fewest words
And I'll show you how to do it all in...

Ray Rafiq Omar

The Atomic Copywriting Guide

Here's what's within your grasp:

Ludo Lacay, Co Founder Napo

"John's principles are a playbook on how to write, and therefore, how to think."

Ludo Lacay
Co Founder | Napo

Evergreen principles that help you write anything, for anyone

My seven principles never change, no matter what I write. They're evergreen.+ Ad sales copy
+ Blog articles
+ Investor pitch decks
+ LinkedIn bios
+ Cold emails
+ LinkedIn posts
+ Newsletters
They're unchanging because they're based on human nature, not fads or gimmicks.


Ray Rafiq Omar

Adam Judeh
Founder | Opsfx

what to edit

Be concise, clear, and understood

What to editIn this section I go into detail showing you my editing tactics.Each of the sub sections comprehensively show you exactly what you must remove from your copy, and why, to give it any chance of being read.You’ll learn all the things school didn’t teach you:+ Exactly what to cut
+ What to replace it with
+ When not to cut
You’ll finally know how to be concise, clear, and understood.And all with examples to show you exactly what I mean.

David Perell

"These are wonderful! Love that second one about the writer and the editor."

David Perell

how to write

Keep readers engaged, interested, and make them remember you

How to writeIn this section I go into detail showing you my writing tactics.Each of the sub sections comprehensively show you exactly how to bring your copy to life to stop people getting bored or scrolling past.You’ll learn all the things school didn’t teach you:+ How to be fresh
+ How to be memorable
+ How to be interesting
You’ll finally know how to get attention, write with emotion, and leave an impression.And all with examples to show you exactly what I mean.

Ray Rafiq Omar

Matt Thomas
Owner | Perfect Prose Writing & Editing

John Harrison

Become a clear, compelling writer

£150 [includes lifetime updates]

30 day money back guarantee

Courtney Symons

Get results quicker with proven frameworks

FrameworksIn this section I break down each of the frameworks I use for client work so you can replicate them in your job, for your clients, or for your own business.You’ll learn all the things school didn’t teach you:+ How to convert prospects
+ How to profit from words
+ How to make people click
You’ll finally know how to entice, convert, and make money.And all with examples to show you exactly what I mean.


Ray Rafiq Omar

Jamie Lake
Director | Lakenson Solutions Ltd

psychology checklist

Copy evaluated in minutes

ChecklistsIn this section I’ve added checklists for all the major sections. I find them useful to make sure I don’t overlook anything.There’s a checklist for:+ Efficiency
+ Engagement
+ Psychology
+ Landing pages
The checklists come with handy explainers and examples for each element you check off.

Ray Rafiq Omar

Gustavo dos Reis
Marketing Expert | Toptal

Lifetime updates

Pay once, but get updates for life.As I improve my copywriting knowledge, I'll pass it on to you. And I'll never ask for another penny.But, as the guide grows, so must the price. So basically, you pay for the product on the day you buy it.Lock in today's price and tomorrow's value.

John Harrison

Become a clear, compelling writer

£150 [includes lifetime updates]

30 day money back guarantee

Courtney Symons

40% discount secured!

payment complete

Next steps:

Keep your eye out for emails from me ( as I build and release the course!

Write landing pages that convert without months of trial and error

No more blank pages. No more guessing. My video course breaks down the exact landing page framework that brought in $41,674 in 24 hours when I launched my own startup.


$445 [pre-sale ends 1st March]

    30 day money back guarantee

    Courtney Symons

    You need to write a landing page but you don't know where to start.

    01/ Problem
    And so you end up in one of two places:01/ You don't write it
    02/ You take a stab at it
    Let's say you're up for the challenge, and you take a stab at writing a landing page.

    But are you a pro copywriter?

    If you are, you don't need me.But if you're not a pro copywriter and you need to convince people to buy your thing, you might want to stick around.Because without my course, who would write your landing page?If my experience is anything to go by it'll be you, or someone in Product, or Marketing, or the Founder. Someone who isn't trained to convince or persuade. Someone who doesn't know copywriting frameworks, someone with a different skill set, no real time to commit, who has a completely separate, full time role.They'll write it.

    Which means you rely on how lucky that person is

    You rely on how well they guessed what an expert Copywriter would have written.You don't rely on luck for your health, your house, your car, your kids, or your money...So, why rely on luck in business?Actually, I know why.And it's not your fault.

    Nobody teaches you copywriting at school

    Nobody trained you to write clearly, or convincingly.You weren't privy to the secret that, if you control the tools of communication, you dictate the future.Instead teachers forced you to read old books and write boring essays. You were trained to hit a word count.And now their training suffocates your business.

    At best, you're leaving money on the table

    At worst, your business dies.It wouldn't be so galling if a competitor out worked you, or had a better product, or more investment.You could deal with that.But to fail simply because people didn't quite understand why they should part with their cash?That would sting.

    Without great copy, you're wasting your marketing budget

    And your time budget.And your energy budget.It's all wasted if you're sending people to a homepage where the words, the only thing that could make them part with their cash, weren't written by a pro.It's as if you're paying people to come to a house party, but you're homeless.So, hire a full time, expert Copywriter?If only it were that easy.

    John Harrison

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    Hitting your inbox in a few minutes:+ Section 1 of the guide
    + My Copywriting Checklists

    John Harrison

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    You've secured your 40% VIP discount 🥳Look out for emails from me about the course and if you have any questions, send me an email at john@copywriting.ioSpeak soon!