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Courtney Symons

"John has a rare ability to distil complex techniques into simple principles anyone can learn."Courtney Symons
Editor in Chief, Shopify

Ray Rafiq Omar

"John's principles are a playbook on how to write, and therefore, how to think."Ludo Lacay
Co Founder, Napo

David Perell

"These are wonderful!!
Love that second one about the writer and the editor."
David Perell
Founder, Write of Passage

John Harrison Copywriter

John Harrison

Hello, I'm John

I'm the human behind the words at copywriting.ioI work as a copywriter in tech startups.I've tested lots of copywriting techniques in websites, apps, and emails.I know what works.I also know what happens if you get it wrong...

Other people will get the thing you want

They'll get the sales. They'll get the investment. They'll get the customers.Because, if you don't know what you're doing with words, other people will out-write you.They'll dictate your future by better controlling words, the tools of persuasion and conviction.I'm here to help.Write Your Future is my free copywriting guide to help you control words, the only tools you have to transfer ideas and make things happen.When you can be clear and concise, powerful and precise, when you can convince and persuade, you can dictate your future.

Copywriting flex...

Out-writing a £2.1 billion property website

The number 1 UK property website, Zoopla, (market cap of £2.1 BILLION) use my emails as best practice in their training materials because my open rates and click through rates smashed their dedicated, in-house, writing team's numbers.

From the horse's mouth...

Cal Graham, Head of Marketing, Wayhome

"John’s email campaign was one of the best performing Zoopla have ever seen. Benchmark open rates are around 40%. His emails achieved around 60%. They wanted to know who designed these emails to offer them a job!"

Cal Graham
Head of Marketing, Wayhome

Cal Graham, Head of Marketing, Wayhome

Don't know copywriting best practice?

Copywriting flex...

Launching the UK's fastest growing insurtech

Napo are overwhelmed with customers because I helped nail their value proposition, landing pages, and buying flow. A good problem to have!

From the horse's mouth...

Cal Graham, Head of Marketing, Wayhome

"John ran key sessions to define Napo's brand positioning before we launched. He taught the team about UX frameworks and ran creative, fun sessions. Since then, our sales have sky-rocketed. Thanks, John!"

Amy Wei
Head of Copy, Napo

Cal Graham, Head of Marketing, Wayhome

Can't afford an expert copywriter's
6-figure salary?

Your skill with words affects whether you get what you want, or not

So, not knowing how to write well limits your potential.Words are the only tools we have to make things happen.If you can master the tool, you can dictate your future.

But nobody taught you how

You were screwed at school.So was I.Think back to English class. What were you taught? How to structure thought in written form? How to use language as a tool to get your message across?Were you taught to write clearly and concisely? Were you ever taught to persuade, sell, or get an idea out of your mind, as exactly as possible, into the mind of another?You know, useful stuff like that?I bet not.

You were taught to hit a word count

If you're like me, you'll remember Shakespeare, Dickens, Chaucer, and a host of other literary checkboxes.You'll remember waffling about 'themes'. And why were you waffling?Because you were desperately trying to hit a word count.If anything ruined the way we're taught to write, it's forced word counts. They breed long, complex, snaking sentences. That was your training.So, it’s no wonder people ignore your emails,investors don’t fund you,your deals don't come through,your tweets aren't retweeted,your customers don't reply,your readers bounce,your boss doesn't promote you,your employees don't do what you expect,your application is binned,your audience is bored...

And it'll only get worse

Because, a world of remote work amplifies the need to write well.Good writing isn’t a nice-to-have. It’s vital.It always was, it’s just that now, it’s becoming painfully obvious.Not knowing how to write well is suffocating your opportunities and your potential.

But what if you could control words, and use them to dictate your future?

Imagine being able to use words, as the tool they are, to start dictating your future.Imagine having that superpower.You would persuade customers. You would captivate clients.You would clearly and concisely explain your view of the world.You would feel confident to press publish.Imagine being proud of your contributions.People would read your work and say that was insightful!.Even better, imagine lighting a fire in people. Imagine sparking action with words alone. Imagine making a difference.

Imagine taking that skill anywhere

To any company. To any country. In any economy.Writing well is a meta skill and it's portable.A good writer will always find work.Even better, imagine applying this skill to your own venture.These successful people agree...

"If you're a VC, a lawyer, a painter, a podcaster, an accountant, a write. Learn to write!"

Sahil Lavingia
Founder, Gumroad

"Been a rule at 37 Signals/Basecamp since 1999. Hire the best writer."

Jason Fried
Founder, Basecamp

"Communication is important. How you say things, what you say, style is really important. So, take the time and get it right!"

Chamath Palihapitiya
Founder, Social Captial

"People who write thoughtful email intros make two receipients feel great with a single note. Easy way to stand out. Great writing is a superpower."

Jeff Morris Jr.
VC, Chapter One

But, how valuable could it be to get better at words?

Well, it depends what you do with them. How will you direct this new power?Will you use it to secure your next sale? Your next 10 sales?Will you use it to bag that promotion?Will you write your way into a new job? With a higher salary?Will you join me and write for a living?Will you overhaul your emails and get people listening to you?Will you use it to define precisely what it is you want your colleagues to do?Will you rewrite your website to make it absolutely clear what your user gets for giving you money?Will you change a single word on a button and spike sales? (This really happens)Will you do all these things?You'll definitely do more than one.What's that worth over your entire life? £1,000? £10,000? £100,000?

I can unlock this power for you

But why should you listen to me?Because, frankly, the fact we're not taught to write well has bothered me so much that I've spent a ton of time digging into what makes good writing good.I discovered new teachers in Cervantes, Pascal, Churchill, and Defoe.But I built my own techniques, my own principles, and my own strategies. I test them every day in my job as a writer in a start up.And I share them all in my free copywriting guide, Write Your Future.

The power of the written word

In 2015, I wrote my way to a £77,000 investment for my menswear business that made £0 profit.That's not to say I duped the investors. Rather, to show that I only got the investment because of the words I chose, the order I put them in, and the story they told.I also used these new powers when I wanted to get paid to write. It was the ultimate test. Could I simply write my way into a job that I had no business applying for? Turns out it's possible.I’m still here writing every day, practising, getting better, and putting my superpower to good use.

You can have this superpower too

I want to help you become a better writer so you can use words as tools to do great things.Once you unlock the power of words, and experience the superpower that is controlling them, you’ll wonder how you survived so far.It sounds simple in hindsight. Whoever best controls the written word, best controls the future, right?So, don’t let other people out-write you.Don’t miss out on that job, that sale, that promotion, that investment because someone else out-wrote you.If you can't write well, you're relying on luck. And that's not a strategy.Take control of words.Make them work for you.Write Your Future. logo

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My day rate is £500.If you want an expert copywriter to write for you, write to me!

Time on your side?

Use my free copywriting guide

☑️ 8 copywriting principles I use daily
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Atomic copy

Hergé drew over 17,000 panels for the adventures of Tintin. But he only liked 2.He liked them because they both captured an entire story in a single frame.

The first, from Red Rackham's Treasure, shows the Captain striding up the island foreshore—rifle and boots in hand. Behind him Tintin, Thomson, and Thompson heave the long boat ashore, while behind them the merchant ship, Sirius, from which they all came, sits anchored in the green sea.The panel is bursting with value. Hours and hours are wrapped in a single drawing.

The second, from The Crab with the Golden Claws, shows several enemy fighters retreating from their shooting positions. From left to right, the fighters are in stages of retreat. But you might say it shows snapshots of one fighter's retreat. Hergé condenses the most value at the atomic level—the single comic book frame.

Hergés economy of storytelling matches the economy of line in the drawing style he pioneered—ligne claire. It's characterised by equally weighted strokes, tight and precise, without hatching, nor shading. Ligne claire extends to the storyline too—the plot has to remain straightforward.In the 1980s, after Hergés death, the style was given new life in what comic book artist Joost Swarte called atoomstijl—atomic style.

Atomic. What a powerful way to describe the simplification of story, line, and colour. That same vigour doesn't exist for the written word.We're told to take comfort from the simple structure, or the plain word. We're told to be content to be commonplace. All of which has led to the fallacy that dumbing down is the aim.Good writing needs better marketing.After all, it's words that trigger action. Have you ever tried to make things happen without words?Let's describe good writing in a way that doesn't underestimate its explosive potential.Atomic copy.Writing that forms an irreducible, single unit.Writing that has had its fatty deposits stripped, and is left lean.Writing which is economical and efficient, where few words deliver all the value.

current version

About Social Capital[1]

At Social Capital[2], our mission is to[3] advance humanity by solving the world’s hardest problems. We believe that empowering entrepreneurs who seek to[4] improve the lives of the people around them[5] is the best way to create more opportunity globally.[6]At its core, Social Capital is an organization that[7] identifies hard problems and assembles experts, IP and experiments that allow us[8] to learn about these problems deeply. Once we have conviction about a solution, we will then execute [9] by building, buying, or investing in whatever it takes to solve the problem we identified.[10]And to better serve the people building these companies, we are[11] building a new kind of organization. Social Capital invests from a balance sheet of permanent capital[12] to fuel entrepreneurship[13] at all stages, all over the world, so that we can[14] partner with entrepreneurs for as long as it takes. We leverage data and machine learning to build great companies and then help them be operationally excellent to drive long term success.[15]Social Capital is not open to new investors.[16]

[1] Boring—may be for SEO but I doubt it.[2] Show the people behind this excellent mission. ‘We’ not ‘Social Capital’. Also, it's redundant. I would be surprised to read a different company’s mission on the SC website.[3] This is lazy. Everyone starts “At X, our mission is to...”. It packs no punch.[4] Redundant[5] Just the ones around them?[6] It would be better as global opportunity, but what's that? I thought SC was gunning for solutions to the world's hardest problems. Now it’s global opportunity, which is vague.[7] All of this can be cut. You could replace it with 'we identify'.[8] Redundant[9] Emdash is redundant[10] Redundant[11] It's more efficient to read and more human to contract verb forms. We are = we're.[12] This feels quite dry and impersonal. Being warmer would be more powerful.[13] Isn't entrepreneurship always fuelled? Reach beyond the ready phrase.[14] to[15] Success of any length is always driven. There must be a fresher way to say it.[16] Centre aligned text is harder to read.

atomic version

Hard problems and humanity

Solve hard problems and you’ll propel humanity.Solve the world's hardest problems and you'll propel humanity the furthest.But before you can solve them, you need to determine them. Part of our work at Social Capital is to figure that out. We demand a deep knowledge of the problem before committing to a solution. So we identify, research, and learn, seeking the latest knowledge from the leading experts.Once we have conviction, we execute. We’ll build, buy, or invest in whatever it takes.We’re in it for the long term. We’ll stick around until there’s a solution because we’re not here to make a quick buck from a quick fix.We’re here to serve the solvers.We know how to leverage data and machine learning, we know how to operate, and we’ve got access to capital. And we’ll use those resources to help lots of entrepreneurs, build lots of things, that solve lots of hard problems.


Good writing and good comics are atomic.

Writers can learn a lot about what makes writing good from graphic artists. Hergé, who drew the frame above, only liked two of the 17K+ frames he drew. Both were atomic.


Social Capital is doing a bad job.

It has a humungous humanitarian mission. But, their about page doesn't capture what they're doing. It's cold and it hides the humans. If I worked there, this is what I would write.


Good writing and good comics are atomic.

Writers can learn a lot about what makes writing good from atomic graphic artists. Hergé, who drew the frame above, only considered two of the 17k+ frames he drew to meet atomic standards.


Social Capital is doing a bad job.

It has a humungous humanitarian mission. But, their about page doesn't capture what they're doing. It's cold and it hides the humans. If I worked there, this is what I would write.